Goodbye Calgary (For Now)

Lighthouse Labs will start tomorrow! I’m staying with a nice couple in a cute little apartment that’s a short bus ride from where the bootcamp is held. I think I’ll be very busy over the next two months, so much so that I won’t be writing any blog post, but I’ve got time today for a few quick updates before the whirlwind begins. First, I’ve started listening to a new podcast that I’m really enjoying called Stuff You Should Know. Each episode takes a deep dive into one topic (the most recent episode was “How Umami Works!”), which sounds boring on paper, but the hosts are very charming and they keep the information accessible.

Second, I must confess to some unmet summer goals. I did not hike every weekend this summer. However, I did a lot more hiking than last summer, so maybe we can count that as a win? I did not create a website, but I did create a few apps. Again, maybe not a complete failure? I DID grow a vegetable garden and I learned a lot about gardening in Calgary. The main takeaway is that successful gardens need protection from the elements. I put up a little fence to keep rabbits out, but it did nothing about the frequent summer hailstorms. A greenhouse would be ideal for a future garden.

Third, I checked on my work permit again before we left Calgary. I couldn’t get any specific updates, but the guy I talked to from the call center confirmed that Canadian Immigration is evaluating every work permit within four months of receiving it. At least that’s something.

Chris and I drove to Vancouver yesterday with one of our friends from Calgary (road trip!). Chris just left to go to Vancouver Island and I don’t care for it. He will drop by on his way back to Calgary later this week and then I don’t think I see him until the bootcamp is over. I haven’t done anything major on my own in a few years and I’m nervous! So wish me luck and farewell for now. I’ll let you know how it goes.