From Living in Hell to Hiking There

Outdoor enthusiast blogs are fantastic in Canada. This lucky Canuck is about to see Hells Canyon for the first time.

Beyond the Campsite

I was lying flat on my back.  My feet propped up with pillows, and my head hopped up on pills.  I had suffered for over two years, each month a bit more painful than the last.  I tried everything to numb the pain.  I saw multiple doctors, specialists, and physiotherapists.  I underwent prolotherapy treatments, chiropractic appointments, cranial-sacral adjustments and acupuncture.  Medicinal Mary Jane, why not?  Nothing could kill it.  Taking the edge off was the best I could do.

I had been on the wait list for a MRI for over a year, and knowing what I know now, I should have just pulled out the plastic, and paid for it to avoid the ridiculous wait.  That’s valuable time I’ll never get back…

Finally, after what had seemed like a lifetime, I was told that the surgery was booked.  (Sweet Jesus YES!)  It was simple; remove the disc that…

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